I have started this blog to document my learnings about marketing service based businesses online using websites, social media, youtube and podcasting. I currently run my own small service based business in Australia so this will be my ‘test business’.

I have named the blog, “I have an idea girl” because I literally have a new business idea every 5 minutes but no idea about online marketing.

No idea is probably a stretch though, I have been playing with online marketing for a while with my current business but being a service based industry with a small niche in a small locality it has been a bumpy ride. I am not a trained marketer, I do not have a business degree, I am an industry professional who is very much still vital in the day to day operations and services of my business.

To start this off I thought I would discuss where my small business podcast is at today and do some quick online research into podcasting.

I started my podcast in Australia 15 months ago in 2018. The purpose of the podcast was to be a creative outlet and to help me meet more people within my industry while offering them some value for their time by promoting them. I decided on a format where I interview people within my industry as I found that more exciting than me talking to myself for half an hour about a topic.

I am approximately 16 episodes in with 2000 overall downloads which only averages around 200 downloads a month. I haven’t been very consistent, I took 7 months off there but I have received good feedback within my industry as far as people knowing about the podcast.

Initially I thought this might be an opportunity for revenue by offering adverts to those within the industry or interviewing people who paid to be on the show. I have since decided that I am happy to keep the podcast simple and not monetised.

Each episode costs approximately 4 hours of my time with another 2 hours from a graphic designer. I do the production work outside of my 9-5 hours but ultimately each episode costs approximately $640 if we were working on an hourly basis.

I currently just use two lapel microphones connected to my mobile and record with the ‘voice recorder’ app. This is then processed with an intro and music in Auphonic on my Mac and finalised in Audcity to a MP3. Finally it is uploaded to https://www.libsyn.com and sent out to Spotify and iTunes. As far as marketing goes, I just put a small picture and comment about the podcast as one post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn upon each episodes release.

I started the podcast by meeting with a girl who had been doing podcasting for a while, I paid for her lunch and by talking to a man who also podcasted about the equipment he was using.

It was pretty tough getting the first few interviews, then it became really easy and now it is tough again with many potential interviewees being worried that they “will say the wrong thing and lose clients”. My podcast is nothing controversial but it has been a steep learning curve to find the type of people that interview well.

If you are going to start a podcast the best way to be successful will be to learn from those who have been there, done that. 

There are two places I found that you can go to learn how to start and create the best podcast you can. 

  1. Podcasts – You can pretty much listen to any podcast and take notes on what a good recording sounds like and what a bad recording sounds like. Some of my favourites at the moment are Joe Rogan Experience, How I built this, Stevie Says Social. Podcasts that I go on an off are Garyvee Audio Experience, Entrepreneurs on Fire, Tony Robbins Podcast and Tim Ferris Show. There are a few more sitting in my subscribed list but I am yet to listed to more than one episode.
  2. Online Course – I am yet to do an online course. There are so many people out there selling their ‘expertise’ on subjects, so I am always cautious about paying for online course incase they give me the wrong information. I am thinking about doing a course with John Lee Dumas https://www.eofire.com/podcast/. Not today though 🙂

I have found a lot of content online, blogs etc which talk about how to start a podcast but these are very elementary. I clearly did the old google “how to interview for a podcast” and “how to start a podcast” and this was kind of helpful, but not as helpful as just starting. There is way too much do this and don’t do this out there and it can become overwhelming when you start to consider it all.

The best piece of advice I came across today was from John Lee Dumas stating that no matter what you decide to set your podcast on, make sure it is something you will enjoy and sound passionate about for 1-3 years because podcasting is a marathon not a sprint.

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