I ended up listening to two Stevie Says Social podcast episodes today while I was driving around. I would have liked something different but bluetooth chose for me and who am I to fight the tech. The first episode was with Clare Wood. I actually saw her name pop up on facebook in a Business Chicks post when she was advertising her podcast, I believe she is a business coach. The podcast was based around Clare growing her instagram engagement and following by experimenting with content in May 2019. I went through her instagram feed and I can’t see a significant difference between May and the previous months, but it is clear that she is now investing in professional photographs of herself and solely posting these with good copy now. She says she is a service based business but in reality, her service is kinda generic and is an on trend topic ‘business coaching’.

I did get a few good snippets though being – profit over revenue, you could have a million dollar business and have less profit than a 100k business. Photos of people get the most engagement and 3% engagement on a profile with a large following is normal, 6% is high.

The second episode I listened too (tbh I only listened to half) was Stevie discussing the online software she used for her business. It kind of sounded like a paid promo for these software companies so whether that is correct or not I quickly lost interest and none of the software was ground breaking for me.

For day 3 I took a look at my current instagram content and undertook some quick research into how I could improve.

Being a serviced based business with no pretty products and a small team I have constantly struggled to find interesting and engaging content for my instagram feed. Previously I just posted things as I felt and had the time for, over the past 2 months however I have had a content plan which is executed by a graphic designer and posted via Buffer. The content plan is something along the lines of 5-7 posts a week inclusive of blogs, podcast promo, completed projects, inspo projects, quotes and a weekly video of me talking about a relevant topic.

I have noticed over the past 2 months that engagement has reduced, followers have slowly increased, but recognition of our brand is at a high and there is an increase of people clicking through to our website. There is always room for improvement though.

At the moment there are two things I think I could incorporate 1. more professional photography 2. more pictures of myself and staff 3. better copy as ours is currently terrible, I don’t put much effort into them. I also think I need to drill down into who my ideal audience is again…for the 40th time in 2 years haha. Whilst writing this I have actually reached out to Clare Wood cause my Co-Star told me I’m an ox in need of a yoke today :p

Today’s google search was “how to improve instagram content for service business”. Sendible is the first blog in a line of many. Their tips are summarised as follows: 1. Use images to creatively show what you do (nothing specific is mentioned) 2. Use insta stories (not very revolutionary) 3. Create a profile bio (omg I am about to fall asleep) 4. Just post a heap of shit till something resonates (I got creative summarising that one) 5. Use hashtags (we covered this in Day 1) 6. Stop. Collaborate. And listen. (Collabs so far have been pretty boring but I’m going to explore this) 7. Build anticipation and exclusivity of new products (I’m bored).

The next article I have read is from the Social Media Examiner, who’s graphics are not my fave but this has been a long running popular site. Here is the summary of this blog: 1. Be a thought leader and include infographics and data-packed videos (This is actually interesting) 2. Be a reliable News source (hmm) 3. Use client success stories to establish trust (have just started doing this but could also improve with more stories) 4. Client quotes (we used to do this a lot but meh. I’m not interested in other peoples) 5. Feature employees (this is always nice but tbh I never look at random company employees, I only like if I know them already) 6. Get employees to post on their personal accounts (awkward…).

My concluding thoughts are that I am going to run a social media comp and see if I can collaborate with other businesses. I am going to post more news and data infographics as I feel our feed is getting a bit feminine.

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