Today I listened to 2 Podcasts. The first was Joe Rogan interviewing Robert Oberst who is a strongman. It was entertaining but I didn’t take too much learning from it other than people are being paid to kill iguanas in Florida because they have become pests.

The second podcast I listened to was Episode 267 of the Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield. The episode was called ‘are you known for something specific in your business’. What I took from her was that there is power in niche and that people who have been following your for 3 months or 2 years should be able to articulate what you do. What I didn’t understand though is what actually constitutes a niche as Amy’s example was, don’t try and dabble in tech, fashion and fitness all at once as it is confusing. To me that isn’t about niche but maybe it was a side track thought. She did give a good example of a lady who specialised in helping women lose a specific amount on weight. Which on the opposite scale is niche but that is still such a large audience (no pun intended). I believe my business is already quite niche as I only work with particular projects in a particular locality. I will think on this some more.

I am doing some stalking of Amy Porterfield and her content. First up on her website she gives a few examples of tools she recommends. The skeptic in me assumes these are paid adverts or monetised links. The only one of interest was Meet Edgar which is an automated social media manager. At the moment I use Buffer. I was only interested in Meet Edgar because it said it posted natively, can’t find anything online about it (not that I tried hard) and it is $49 per month whilst Buffer is $10 per month (USD). I don’t think I’ll be changing over anytime soon.

Back to the Porterfield website she doesn’t have too many freebies online in her toolkit, I assume because she focuses on paid courses and the podcast. So I have downloaded her Cheat Sheet for building a email list. 20 Strategies apparently. Let’s get started.

  1. Feature box. This is just an opt in at the top of your website. Meh
  2. Freebie inside a blog post. Content upgrade. I like this might use if I get my shit together.
  3. Pop up boxes. I hate this with a passion. You could tell me I’ll get 10% off and I’ll still click out of it.
  4. Full page pop up. Ehhhh
  5. Landing Page. Could do but nothing revolutionary.
  6. Sidebar advert. Could incorporate I guess.
  7. Slideshare. Looks lame.
  8. Facebook live. Probably good if you do live video of which I do not currently.
  9. Segment by providing more than one offer and letting clients choose what they are interested in. Maybe when I’m making a mill..that is a lot of work.

Ok so apparently that was only 9 items but maybe 20 examples within the document. I feel ripped off (even though it was free) so I’m going to end this now.

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