Today I listened to a Tony Robbins podcast interview of Connor McGregor. It was entertaining but what I took from it was that you need to be passionate about what and who you are surrounding yourself with. You need to be able to throw yourself into projects 100%. Pretty much the same thing everyone says but a good example of how it can work.

Day 5 I am going to focus on Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]. Specifically I am going to learn what I quickly can off Neil Patel. I always see his adverts on facebook and he looks like a killer. Hard to know though as social media can have that affect, people seeming bigger than they are.

I just completed a quiz on his website which is then to produce a cheat sheet on how to improve my SEO.

Tip 1. Find a shoulder niche. Use Buzzsumo or google news to find high interest topics people in your industry want to read. I put in the topic Brisbane and it came up with Cyclones, a snake licking someones face (LOL) and an amazing wedding photographer. Lots of facebook and Pinterest shares…. I’ll admit I just spend much to much time using Buzzsumo to see what people are sharing and liking. Lots of snakes. Apparently. Overall, this is interesting but not really helpful for my small niche unless I pay Buzzsumo for all their features.

Tip 2. Check out MarketMuse. Basically you can’t just create blogs using keywords anymore, you need AI. So I have put one of my blogs into the website. It’s taking it’s time to get the information together…. It’s producing a content score… and I think I broke it. Not broken, it is actually a pretty good report. I will keep this one in mind. MarketMUSE.

Tip 3. Use LSI graph to create key words. There are a lot of acronyms in this tip and I am just bloody confused about what is going on. I don’t think this is free anymore, or maybe my search topics are too niche. This is a meh from me.

Tip 4. Voice search optimisation. Ugh. At the risk of sounding like someone who doesn’t like change, I don’t think my industry is ready for this yet. Was interesting to read that you should keep things to a 9th grade reading level. Suits me! The part that didn’t suit me was that each page should have a word count of 2312. Ewww.

Tip 5. Have a Q&A that is concise and simple that google can put at the top of a search page.

Tip 6. Create a title question, answer below in a paragraph and then expand. This is best practice.

Tip 7. Use SEMrush to find content on your website that could be improved. I have signed up for 10 free searches. Amazing. I love it. So there are a couple of ways to optimise the information. Increase length to 2000 words, add pictures, adjust formatting to make it scannable, add new information and add some internal links.

There was a heap more in the cheat sheet but I have had enough learnings for today. Done.

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