Today I listened to no podcasts because I couldn’t be bothered and I had other things to do.

I’m not sure what I want to learn about today so I am going to open my facebook account and scroll down my feed till I find some business or marketing coach advertisement. I know it will be there.

Webprofits for the win after only 60 seconds of scrolling.

I have opened their website and gone straight to their blog. The one I have chosen is about facebook ads from Singapore companies. Not sure how relevant this will be…

  1. test all your ads on mobile as the text sizes can be reduced there.
  2. retargeting. Meh not applicable to my business.
  3. replicate for different audiences. Going a bit far for me I think.
  4. emotive ads work.
  5. be entertaining.
  6. use the call to action button.
  7. create a quiz rather than a question. This may be helpful as a number of services can’t be advertised on facebook.
  8. contrast catches the eye.
  9. don’t hide things as you are paying for all traffic. Be specific about who you want.
  10. use ads to get reviews. Yeah no fucking way. That is opening a whole heap of trouble.
  11. invest in high quality photos and video of your product.
  12. downloadable resources.
  13. tell a story.
  14. how are you helping people.
  15. put a timeframe to a process e.g. how long to request a quote

Well I was pretty bored by the time I got to number 15 but I’ll look into 7 and 11.

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